Rethinking Your Data Infrastructure for Real-Time Opportunity
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  Brian Crook   Brian Crook
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Verve Mobile


Tuesday, April 19, 2016
01:15 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Business

Many CDOs are not technologists by training, but as the role increasingly requires an involvement in the development of products and services based on data, then it's critical that the CDO have an understanding of "what's possible" in terms of the capabilities of new technologies. This is especially true when the ability to process large data sets quickly is directly tied to spontaneous marketing and the goal of creating "memorable consumer experiences".

Brian Crook has been at the cutting edge of data technology for his entire career, and is currently developing the platform and products that drive growth at Verve Wireless, the leading location-based mobile marketing company. He’ll talk about the notion that “location matters” when determining the context necessary to connect with customers and he will describe how to rethink your analytics infrastructure and practices to meet the needs of real-time business opportunity.

Brian Crook has been with Verve since 2012 and serves as Chief Product & Technology Officer, leading both product and technology teams, which design, develop and optimize the Verve portfolio of products. Brian brings a unique combination of experience in online marketing, enterprise software and business management to the company. He joined Verve in 2012 as SVP of Technology and built out the core platform capabilities that make up the leading location marketing platform we have today. Prior to Verve, Brian was President and CTO of Aerify Media, a New York based mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) acquired by Sizmek. Brian began his career developing scalable online ad-serving and content delivery systems for Starwave, an early web company acquired by Disney, as well as the Atlas ad-server while at aQuantive (sold to Microsoft and then Facebook). Later, he joined Vulcan Inc, where he contributed to the development of life sciences, home media, and scalable data processing initiatives. In 2004, Brian joined Cerebra (sold to webMethods) as VP Engineering where he was responsible for product development of the company’s Metadata and Business Intelligence solutions. Subsequently, Brian was VP Product Development and GM for the San Diego R&D office for webMethods (sold to Software AG), where he worked on the company¹s flagship Enterprise Business Optimization product line.

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